THE FIRST INTER-ISLAND ANNUAL EXTRAVAGANT IN INDONESIA - we named it Bali.Kei Archipelago Festival (BKAF); a concept created by us, The Sophie’s Choice (TSC) team; marries “SportsVenture™” and “Creative” industries as one package, aiming to create an international platform for tourism promotion and the essential relationship between both industries; and at the same time, to create various business derivatives for the targeted region. It is the first inter-Island concept of its kind in Indonesia, created to help the Eastern region of Indonesia building and elevating tourism industry through adventure sports and creative art as a festival.

WHERE - We have chosen the Island of Bali and and the archipelago of Kei in Southeast Maluku Regency as the first locations to implement the program. 

WHAT IS IN THE PROGRAM - We started Bali.Kei Archipelago Festival in October of 2017 with two different sub-programs, music expo as part of the "Creative" Industry named Archipelago International Music Expo (AIME), and a cross-country run as part of the SportsVenture™ industry, named Archipelago Run (ARCHIRUN) . These sub-programs commenced in the same week, starting on the Island of Bali and ends on the Maldives of Southeast Asia, the Kei Islands. On our second year, year 2018, we are adding another challenging sports, three on three women's beach volleyball, only in Kei. The volleyball court going to be on the softest white sand beach in the world, Ngusarnadan beach, which is part of the long beach (3.5KM) on "Kei Kecil" Island, the mainland of the 68 archipelago of Kei.

All you SportsVenture™ and creative milliners,  in 2018, mark your calendar and come join us in Bali and in Kei. In Bali is on  September 8, a Saturday, and in Kei will happen for 4 days, October 3 to 6.  Like our facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

Who is who in this program? 

It is actually not “is”, but “are”. The management of The Sophie's Choice as the incubator beliefs in cooperation of doing business with other entities that are interconnected to do this program. Therefore, it has invited several businesses to support the program. They are:

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